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JD Walt
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Confused Feb 11, 2024 at 12:28 AM
About 7 months ago my husband threatened financial abuse if I didn't get out of the house after telling him I may need to go care for my elderly mom, he bought a racing motorcycle with the kids scholarship money before I left and lied about it, then just prior to leaving, he tricked me into thinking he still loved me, I beleived him, we had sex, celebrated our anniversary, but still insisted he needed time alone. Then once gone, he immediately posted on social media he was seperated, started an affair, racked up credit cards, tried to mess with his retirement, etc. all in preperation of a possible divorce. This has caused my 2 college age kids to need psyciatric care. Now I am living with my elderly mom who is drinking too much wine at night and doing unhealthy things like bingeing on junk food and not being sanitary. When I confront her about her habits, she tells me I am complaining about her, shouts at me, and claims I don't love her. She says some pretty cruel things. I am financially reliant on my husband and lack the funds to get out but I can barely stand living with my elderly mom and I can't go back to living with my cheating husband. I am going through a MSW program right now and am having difficulty even getting through the program because of all the stress both these people are putting me. I know this is nothing that can be solved on here, but I sure do need some kindness, comfort, and/or understanding right now. Any kindness would be appreciated. Even a hug will do.
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Default Feb 11, 2024 at 10:47 AM
@JD Walt hugs dear one. I hope you find some comfort in the midst of all the chaos in your life.

Practical advice get legal counsel. They know what to do. If what you say is completely accurate I cannot imagine getting together with your husband again. Just one thing he could be having unprotected sex and another how could you trust what he says.

As far as your mom goes, my experience with my mom who was drinking heavily, would not shower and was totally difficult to deal with is just go along with her antics. That is all I could do. You need a place to stay so try not to react.

Are your kids safe? What can be done to help them.

I hope you get the support you are looking for.

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Default Feb 11, 2024 at 09:19 PM
I'm sorry it's so difficult.

I don't have many answers but just came in to give you some support and a much needed hug

Neither situation is easy - each one sounds damn horrendous yet you're hanging in there (just).

Keep posting to let us know how you're going!
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